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Bundled up in 3 coats and a blanket I spin around pointing the flashlight beam far out into the desert. I feel like I am surrounded by creatures. I imagine that every time I turn away they come alive stretching their stiff limbs in the moonlight, shaking off decades of cramped muscles. “Krissy, light it up”, me “huh?” “Light up this one”, he says with his face glued to the camera. He’s practically laying on the desert floor, crawling as low as it takes to get just the right angle for this shot. He has one of them pinned with lights and camera lens. It stands there with it's limbs in the air, holding the perfect pose, but I know better. I know that when the lights go off and we walk away he will follow us from a distance. I know that his journey never stops. He roams the desert forever searching. For what, I don’t know, it’s just in his nature to be a wanderer. I am tempted to turn off all the lights and walk out in the darkness and close my eyes, waiting for the first one to dare to make his move. First a creak of a limb, next a scrape of a root and a rustle of his hair as he starts to move. I take in a sharp breath and open my eyes. I can hear Jason’s voice faintly calling my name. I am surrounded by darkness and it’s thrilling. I just wanted to see one wander. To follow him for just a moment. To catch that ever illusive movement. I will go back now. I will go follow my wanderer.

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Interesting perspective on desert and how our minds can wander...

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