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The Origin Story

We went to Thailand. We were living in Asia at the time. It wasn’t easy. You know that electric feeling you get when you bang your funny bone and it reverberates through your arm for awhile? That’s what my senses felt like, tingling and electrified. I remember sitting on the subway or sitting in the room we designated as my “studio” staring at the blank page in front of me feeling so disconnected and unable to come down from this high level of alert to a place where I could look inside myself and bring something beautiful out. When we went to Thailand that all changed. We went to see the elephants 🐘. I remember touching them and feeling their gentle purr reverberate through my own body calming me from the inside out. It was like he was saying to me, let it go, I got this. I came home and painted elephant after elephant for months. Some of you may remember that elephant series, many thought that was all I painted because that was all that was coming out of me at the time. I’ve been asked, “what’s the deal with the elephants?” Well, now you know. They brought me back and I’ve decided to bring them back for Open Studios Art Tour. Come check them out! Oct 14 and 15.

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