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12"X12" on cradled wood

Day 17 of an Abstract a day in January.

Have you ever walked into a room and completely forgotten what you were doing? What you were about to do was so urgent, yet the thought has completely vanished. Sometimes I try walking backwards in the direction I came from, hoping the thought is still lingering in the air in a little cloud, just waiting for me to grab it again. It’s been happening a lot lately. I have a sneaking suspicion all the random sides of me finally fought too hard and broke my mind. But alas! I have found a method to iron out those tangled memories and internal musings that so often interrupt that search for the keys 🔑, or that email response I was just about to send, or that sales tax return that I almost filed. It’s this. Staring at the surface in front of me, making line by line in variated sizes and closeness. It’s like unwinding a tight internal rubber-band that was about to snap. Everything is clearer after this. Everything is in balance after this. Everything is ok.

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