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The Struggle

Artists, musicians, story tellers and creators of all kinds take us on a journey and we are usually more than willing to go. It’s why we keep turning on the music and opening up the book. Often the ‘leaders’ on these journeys struggle to pave the path to bring someone along. We struggle to keep engineering new worlds for ourselves and other people to find an escape in. We struggle with self doubt, time and physical limitations. All these things must be overcome because the desire to take others on a journey burns deep within.

My biggest struggle has become finding the energy to share. I became so overwhelmed with sharing everything perfectly, in just the right format, just the way social media says you should, that I just froze and flat out refused to post things. But a storyteller can only hold back for so long before everything starts bubbling out and makes a mess all over, so here I am with a fresh new website, lots of new work to share, and lots of new blog posts to come! I invite you to take a little browse through the new site. How have you been finding the energy to keep creating despite all the demands of this world?

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